Do you have trouble with your drains? Foul smell in your garden? wet patches? Are you buying a house and want to make sure the drainage is 100%

CCTV Drain Surveys have many uses, recurring blockages, drain location, drain mapping, home surveys or even to retreive foreign objects inside the drain. JOB Jetting's high tech cameras can find any problem with minimal effort and assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer.

The most common problems are roots, broken pipes/joints, compressed pipes or not enough run off. These can be a nightmare for a homeowner but with our knowledge and equipment these nightmares are a walk it the park and we'll have your drains fixed in no time!

If your buying a house a drain survey can save you thousands. Drain repairs can soon turn into a nightmare, compared to an average price of £5000 to re-lay a drain, the small fee we charge for a full CCTV drain survey pales in comparison!

Some drain issue wont surface for many years, for example, the concrete that is used to connect clay pipes will brake up over time and let mud and debris into your drain. We can perform a pressure test that can easily test all of the connections. 

We cover drain surveys in Edinburgh, Carlisle, Scottish Borders, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

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CCTV Drain Survey 

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