If you have wooden decking you know how hard it is to keep clean, almost impossible. If you don't regularly maintain your decking, the mold will take hold and come winter the ice will slowly split the wood apart!

If you get your decking clean and treated every year you'll have lovely decking all year round and greatly increase its life.

We have the knowledge and equipment to carefully clean the decking as to not ruin the finish.

How To Clean Wooden Decking?
Wooden decking looks great for the first year but it soon begins to fade. With our British weather the protective coating soon fades away. So the decking must be properly cleaned and striped before another protective coat is applied.

As with any wood, care must be taken when cleaning with pressure, you must let the chemicals do the work.

We first clean the wood to get rid of any dirt and mold, with a PH neutral soap and biocide. Then we strip any old finish using an alkaline solution, which also cleans the wood again. The alkaline solution must be neutralised, we do this by applying a carefully measured amount of an acid solution, this brings the wood PH level to 7 and opens the wood pours.

Once the wood is dry (ideally below 15% moisture), we then apply a finish, we recommend an oil based product.

Great care must be taken in this process as furring can occur (the wood fibres lifting up) which will greatly reduce the woods life.

What Wood Finish To Choose?

There are two main external finishes we use on your decking, Oil Based and Water Based.

Oil Based- This type of finish is what we recommend to use. It penetrates the wood which helps to keep the finish on longer. Ideally you want an oil with a medium to dark pigment as this is what protects the decking from UV light and helps it keep its colour. It also feeds the wood to stop it cracking/warping etc and in turn stops moisture from entering wood. Once the oil begins to fade, all you need to do is give the decking a light clean then re-apply another coat of oil.

Water Based- This is most commonly called Decking Stain. They are usualy water based or latex based. They penetrate the wood but not as much as an oil. After two coats the stain can appears as a solid finish. There are more colour options for stain and are usually cheaper per metre.  Stains last longer then an oil finish, but the stain will eventually start to crack and come away from the wood. When this happens you have two options, you can either remove all loose stain, sand, then apply the same stain that was applied initially or if you would like a different color you must totally sand off the old stain back down to bare wood. Some types of stain can be removed with a high concentration of chemicals. The reason the stain will start to crack is because the wood expands and contracts at a different rate to the stain which eventually causes the stain to come away from the wood.

To correctly carried out decking maintenance you need the correct equipment, chemicals and knowledge. Before any finish is applied the wood must be treated correctly otherwise the finish will not last six months!

JOB Jetting offers an extensive cleaning service for decking, all our work is guaranteed and is usually alot cheaper then you think!

So if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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