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If all of your sinks, toilets etc are backing up or there is a foal smell in your garden it usually means your outside drain is blocked. If this is the case you'll need your drain jetted. Drain Jetting is quite simply jet washing your drain, a high pressure hose with a special fitting pulls itself through the drain clearing/cleaning as it goes. A simple blockage can be cleared within the hour. If the blockage is recurring or cannot be cleared easily a CCTV Drain Survey may be required.

If you do suspect a blocked drain please do not hesitate to give us a call. A blocked drain, when left too long, can cause serious damage, subsidence, infection and frost damage are just a few problems a blocked drain can cause.

We are half the price of the larger company's and we guarantee our work!

We cover drain surveys in Edinburgh, Carlisle, Scottish Borders, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

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