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There is nothing like a nice bright, clean patio, they can improve the whole look of a garden, But they soon get dirty!
JOB Jetting are professional patio cleaners. Put away your domestic Karcher or don't even bother wasting money buying one. In a years time when you pull it out in Spring or Summer for a spruce up you may need to repair it if it's been stood in the shed as the pump may have seized.
It could take you all day or even weekend, time consuming and back aches galore! A domestic Karcher is like a water pistol compared to our kit. Our equipment is petrol powered so we don't require the use of your mains electric.

Remember, industrial equipment doesn't mean damage. Correct methods are taken specifically to each type of paving, using a range of nozzle jet sizes and flat surface cleaner attachments to the control of water flow to suit the most delicate paving and stubborn stains. Additionally using the correct chemical's to tackle stains rather than using pressure alone.

All patio types are cleaned.

Patio Cleaning Scottish Borders